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Gain Privileged Access to selected investment projects that might change the world. All of the world-changing companies started with an idea, but not many people have the privilege to involve in that business at ground zero. Our vision is to create a platform that allows everyone to be able to change the world!



Have a World-Changing idea but lack of resources to carry it out? Morgan Capital connects you to our community and network of investors that can help you with your idea.

Add Value

Add Value

Relationship management is very critical if you have a community. Constantly adding value has to be done so that the members will feel valued and connected.

Morgan Capital can add value to your community members!

You can offer your community members something unique by giving them investment oportunities and tools without the extra hassle.



Plan to do something similar? Why don't you partner with us?

We are believers of Sharing and Leveraging, because the more we share, the more we get. Instead of everyone starting their own platform, why don't we share the technology? With this, the ecosystem can be very much stronger and larger.

General FAQ

Who is Morgan Capital?

Morgan capital a private funding platform. We act as the platform to connect entrepreneurs that require fund to run their businesses with investors who would like to support world changing ideas.

What is a funding platform?

Who owns Morgan Capital?

Is Morgan Capital safe?

Is Morgan Capital licensed and regulated?

Investors FAQ

Who can invest?

Investors can be among any individual among sophisticated investors, angel investors and retail investors which usually are family, friends or individual who are interested in supporting early stage companies.

Why should I invest?

How do I invest?

Can I invest in more than one offer on Morgan Capital?

How do I know whether a proposal is genuine or not?

Is there an investment minimum and maximum?

Can I change my mind?

Will I need to pay any fees?

Are these investments risky?

What will I actually own?

When will I get my investment back?

How do I become an investor?

Fundraising FAQ

Who is an Issuer?

Issuer is the person who is hosted on an Morgan Capital as a platform to offer its shares in order to raise fund.

What are the requirements for businesses to meet?

How much can I raise?

How long does it take to raise money?

What fee does Morgan Capital charge?

How do I apply?

What do I do next after application?

Can I invest in my own Offer?

Can I make more than one offer simultaneously on Morgan Capital?

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